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Producer- Kevin Porras

Lead Game Designer- Michael T. Astolfi

Programmer- Charles Brillant

Lead Artist- Justin Sanders

This is a work in progress that started in a class called Game Studio at NYU.  My team and I designed a game based around the player as a space miner, tasked with collecting power crystals while avoiding asteroids.  The power crystals must first be cracked using a gravity laser that attracts all nearby asteroids toward the target hit by this laser.  

The player's use of the gravity laser causes the asteroids within the mining dome to bounce around, making it very hazardous to fly around in.  To make things even more challenging, the player's ship will increase in speed with every crystal collected.  

Players can drop off crystals at their space barge to bank points, with more crystals deposited at the same time resulting in score multipliers.  

As for my role on the team:

  • Responsible for maintaining reasonable project scope and goals for development
  • Coordinated and set agendas for weekly development meetings
  • Held usability tests using Silverback software to gauge and record player feedback
  • Successful project management resulted in a fully realized 3D game in only 4 months of development time


The Mining Dome

Using the gravity laser

Flying to bank power crystals

Flying through the bank