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Kevin Porras- Producer, Game Designer

Michael T. Astolfi- Lead Game Designer

Max Meyers- Programming

Charles Brillant- Game Designer

Tim Levine- Art and Animation

Justin Sanders- Concept Art

Bennett Schatz- Sound 


Don't Fry the Frog is a game currently available for iOS devices.  It is a fully multitouch game based around the concept of helping a very hungry frog eat healthy by eliminating unhealthy flies from the screen.  
When 2 fingers are making contact with the screen, a beam of electricity is created between the points of contact.  The beam can be moved around the screen by the player moving his or her fingers.  As soon as a fly comes into contact with the beam, the fly is eliminated and points are gained.


DFtF was the first game launched by my indie game studio, Blacktorch Games.


As for my contribution to this title:

  • Project Manager for a cross-discipline team of programmers, designers, artists, and sound designers
  • Successful implementation of Aglie development strategies to constantly innovate upon projects
  • Creation and maintenance of a virtual office to keep all team members in collaboration and discussion
  • Design of the monetization methods implemented by Blacktorch Games to maximize conversion rate of paying customers via in-app purchases, downloadable content, and hard-soft currency systems